Outstanding materials

We, people behind Legion deeply believe in highest quality of our products and materials and components. The products we make are made with highest care and attention to detail. They should serve our customers well for years. 

You will find only best possible materials in our products. The materials you will find in Legion products are outstanding. 

In our belts, wallets and bags you will find only high quality leather and only durable stainless steel hardware. The leathers we use come from best tanneries in the World. 

Wallets are made from the famous leather from renowned Horween tannery in Chicago. Our belts and bags are made from vegetable tanned leathers from Ponte a Egola, the centre of traditional tanneries in Tuscany, Italy. Our finest products are made from veal leather from famous Perlinger tannery, who supplies its leathers to Hermés and Louis Vuitton. 


Horween leather (Horween Leather Co., Chicago, USA)

Since 1905 Horween Leather Co. tannery in Chicago is well know for its excellent quality leathers. Traditionally tanned by Skip Horween and his team, the 5th generation of Horween family, preserves one of a kind secret know how of one of the highest quality leather in the World. 

Artigiano vegetable leather (Tuscany, Italy)

Masters from Tuscany are well known for making some the best vegetable tanned leathers in the World. Ponte a Egola is the centre of Italian tanning industry. Since 1920, Marianelli family preserve secrets handed over from generation to generation, and make one of the greatest Vaccheta leathers, well known for its tender and fantastic quality grain. 


Perlinger leather (Germany)

The finest of the finest. Ulrich Perlinger and his veal leather tannery is one of the last tanneries in Germany. 6th generation of Perlinger family preserves secrets of tanning one of the best veal leathers in the World. Perlinger tannery is supplying their veal leather to Hermés in Paris for their finest products.


Tlusty stainless steel buckles (Tlusty & Co., Czech Republic)

Stainless steel buckles designed by artisans in Tlusty and Co. are one of the most durable buckles in the World. Strong, sturdy, yet elegant and well crafted, these buckles are seriously made to last. Legion belts are equipped only with these outstanding stainless steel buckles.


Yokoya brass hardware (Japan)

It took three years to find the right hardware manufacturer. Highest quality brass hardware from Yokoya family from Tokyo makes Legion bags outstanding.